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Terms and Conditions


Clients are responsible for the money they spend on Passive.Expert in exchange for products and/or services. Upon purchasing qualifying products or services, members can participate in our cashback promotion. Information about this is on our website.

By joining our site as a member, you must tick the box on the registration form to indicate that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions. Members that do not agree to any of these Terms and Conditions, should email us requesting to close their account and stop using the website immediately.


Section 1 - Third-Party Liability:
1.1 - Passive.Expert will in no way be liable for the actions of third parties that may in any way cause damage to members.
1.2 - Passive.Expert will in no way be liable if our computer servers, websites or members accounts are hacked, broken into or illegally accessed, causing loss, whether it is financial or otherwise, to our members.

Section 2 - Cash back and rewards promotion:

2.1 - Passive.Expert may offer an optional cash-back or rewards promotion with some of its advertising products.

2.2 - Passive.Expert will only settle cashback or rewards with the transfer of Bitcoin and will under no circumstances pay any cashback or rewards with money or currency.
2.3 - Any cashback offered will be subject to the authorisation of the senior management of Passive.Expert, and is no way whatsoever guaranteed.
2.4 - Passive.Expert offers a credit-free environment. Purchase of our products and/or opting in to receive Bitcoin rewards or cashback does not create a credit or debt contract.
2.5 - There is no time guarantee exactly when the cashback or rewards will be paid or whether anything will be paid at all. In any event, there will be no cashback or rewards paid until at least 48-72 hours after product purchase.
2.6 - There is no guarantee exactly how much cashback will be paid, but in any event, the absolute cumulative maximum you will receive will be 125% of the amount you have spent on products that specifically qualify for the cashback promotion.
2.7 - Prospective and/or existing clients should not buy any of our advertising products expecting a financial return. None of our products or services, past or present, should be construed as a financial investment, financial instrument, equity security, debt security, stock, bond or share..
2.8 - Passive.Expert reserves the right to end the cashback and rewards promotion at any time.

Section 3 - Illegality:

3.1 - Members may not present Passive.Expert on sites containing pornography, computer viruses or obscenity.

Section 4 - Cancellation/Termination of membership:

4.1 - A member's account may be cancelled at any time by the member.

4.2 - Passive.Expert, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate without notice, the account of any member caught in violation of the Terms and Conditions or otherwise.

4.3 - The registration of multiple accounts by the same user / household / IP address is strictly forbidden. If we suspect that multiple accounts have been registered by the same person / household / IP address, we reserve the right to terminate such accounts without notice. Any referral commisions gained will be forfeited. If we suspect the abusive practice of registration of multiple accounts with the sole purpose of receiving affiliate commission(s) for one's own purchases, we will confiscate any commission paid and dissassociate the accounts from the referral program. Continued misuse may result in your account(s) being permanantly closed and any funds in your available balance will be returned less a 10% administration fee.

4.4 - Any member acting unethically may have their account frozen and possibly terminated.

4.5 - Any membership that is terminated will forfeit all benefits and privileges associated with Passive.Expert including any cashback or rewards. Any positions held in Passive.Expert will also be forfeited and ownership will be reassigned to Passive.Expert.

Section 5 - Refund Policy:

5.1 - All purchased items that are digital in content, purchase of Ad Packs, or other advertising packs or products or services are non-refundable. All purchased items that are not digital can be fully refunded within 14 days of purchase provided the item is returned in its original packaging and condition.

5.2 - If you reverse transactions on your purchases or make a dispute, your account will temporarily be locked. Your account will be reopened upon the satisfactory outcome of an investigation.

Section 6 - Membership Fee:
6.1 - There is no membership fee to join Passive.Expert.

Section 7 - Deposits:
7.1 - Deposits are processed automatically and are usually credited as soon as we have received one confirmation from the Blockchain.
7.2 - We reserve the right to take up to 72 hours to credit your account if we deem extra security checks need to be carried out first.
7.3 - When making a deposit, the *exact* amount must be sent to the wallet indicated. If the amount sent is less than that which is indicated, your payment will be declined and will enter a manual processing queue. We will send you an email stating the shortfall. You will have to send the shortfall to the designated wallet address before your account is credited.

Section 8 - Withdrawals:
8.1 - When requesting a withdrawal we will have to include a fee for the miners. We will pass that fee on to you, the client.
8.2 - You cannot withdraw deposited funds that have not been used to purchase a product. You can only withdraw affiliate commission and cashback/rewards.
8.3 - When a withdrawal of cashback is requested, we aim to pay it within 3-5 business days. We reserve the right to take longer than this if we detect any suspicious activity that needs further investigation or if further security checks need processing.

Section 9 - Website Advertising:

9.1 - Any ads containing adult services or pornography are forbidden.

9.2 - Spamming is not allowed.

9.3 - Ads of hate speech, hate crime, or illegality are forbidden.

9.4 - Ads aimed at conning people are not allowed.

9.5 - Passive Expert will not be held responsible if a third-party blocks the connection to a link, image or ad.

Section 10 - Contact Information:

10.1 - It is the responsibility of members to keep their personal records up to date at the member’s area. Passive.Expert will not be responsible for communication errors due to incorrect or out of date contact information.

Section 11 - Taxes & Laws:

11.1 - Disputes and disgreements shall be interpreted under the law of England UK. All members are responsible for paying any taxes owed to authorities as a result of financial gain or otherwise from using our website and/or products and services.

11.2 - The client is responsible for adhering to any laws in their resident country/domicile or jurisdiction.

Section 12 - Update of Terms and Conditions:

12.1 - Passive.Expert reserves the right to update the T's and C's without notice, a copy of which is available on our website https://passive.expert/.