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Frequently Asked Questions

Passive.Expert is an online club that allows its private members to buy advertising products. Some of our products qualify the purchaser to receive our optional daily cashback promotion.

Absolutely not! The company is extremely transparent and prides itself in 100% honesty, transparency and integrity.

No, we are not a HYIP (high yield investment program). We generate our profits by selling advertising on our website and also by investing our own company money in strong, solid platforms. We extensively research these platforms before investing our own money. Our company activities include investing in crypto trading, crypto arbitrage, forex-crypto arbitrage and forex trading over a solid, well-diversified portfolio.

Passive Expert is a company specialising in business advertising, with a bias towards crypto-space promotion. We are not a bank or financial institution. We do not hold any financial licences or qualifications. We do not collect money to invest from clients nor do we receive or collect financial deposits from our members for the purposes of investment. We don't sell or offer any financial products.

No it isn't, under any circumstances. Passive.Expert offers an optional cashback promotion only for certain products that qualify up to a maximum 125% of the purchase price. Any cashback paid comes from genuine company profits.

No. Only one account is allowed per person / household / IP address.

It is impossible to make any guarantees as to how much the cashback will be. However, in the past clients have received between 0.5%-1% per day of their qualifying product spend.

It is completely free of charge to register with Passive Expert. There are no daily/weekly/monthly fees and there are no recurring subscription or membership fees.

Pack price: $5.00
Maximum cashback: 125%
Maximum packs: No Limit
Daily cashback of up to 1%
5 ad credits
Fully transparent
Fully sustainable

Withdrawals are processed in real time and are not manually approved.
Our CEO has observed that many companies are very keen to take our money when we deposit, but when it comes to paying it back they can often take days. He thinks this is really unfair and is not how it should be. He firmly believes that anyone that is owed money should get it as quickly as possible. So that's exactly what we do. As soon as you request a withdrawal, we send it to you immediately. (We reserve the right to take longer if security checks are being carried out).

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of $10.00.

At present, we only accept payments in Bitcoin.

Membership is limited to those that have accepted our current terms and conditions and to those who are 18 years of age or older.

It is commonly known that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes! No, nothing is guaranteed, and if you come across any other platform that guarantees a return, our advice is to run away quickly. However, in the case of Passive Expert the risk of not receiving back 125% in cashback and rewards is extremely low. Our own company activities that are reponsible for company profits are well diversified and expertly set up. During the promotion we will keep paying you cashback daily up to a maximum of 125% of the purchase price of qualifying products. We spend months researching the other platforms that we deal with to make sure they are genuine.

We do not offer any refunds on purchased Ad Packs.

Yes, we offer a 2-level commission structure. If you introduce a friend to Passive.Expert you will receive an 8% sales commission on all purchases of qualifying products. If your friend introduces someone, you will receive a 3% commission on all qualifying products that your friend sells.

No. There is no requirement to buy a product in order to earn sales commissions promoting Passive.Expert. Just open an account, share your referral link and start receiving sales commission.

No. We do not pay any sales commissions to those that try to gain them by opening multiple accounts. The commissions we pay are extremely costly to the company and are designed as a genuine incentive to encourage our users to promote the Passive.Expert brand. Our software uses advanced finger-printing analysis amongst other techniques to prevent the payment of commissions to those that are not genuinely promoting our products. We will always be fair to our users - please be fair to us.

The commission will be available for withdrawal immediately after your friend has completed his/her purchase.

Yes we are real. You are welcome to reach out to us and we are happy to speak to you on the phone if you so wish. If you would like to meet our staff in person before buying a pack, this can be arranged.

At Passive.Expert, our team is continually thinking about ways in which we can introduce new ideas and products to our portfolio. We are currently developing a payment system which will be fully regulated and licensed. It will have some unique features not available elsewhere on the market. We will also be expanding our range of advertising products. There is even more on the way - details to follow.

We are constantly on the lookout for highly talented individuals that are able to add value to our customers' buying experience. In particular we are currently seeking those who have knowledge of financial trading, financial arbitrage or sports betting and trading. Please feel free to email or call us for a friendly chat should you feel that you can add value to our business and to the experience of our clients.